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Keep your eye on the bat

Several innovations have been developed to enhance the performance and durability of aluminum bats. The Fusion softball bat from Dudley Sports Co combines graphite and aluminum. Louisville Slugger’s Air Attack softball bat contains a pressurized air chamber in its hollow core, while its new TPS C405+ is the first triple-wall bat which contains two rings of coiled Springsteel inside the bat. Others are Easton Sports Inc’s bat made of a.. Read More

Walking shoes

Seven recommended specialized walking shoes are evaluated. Information is included on the price, construction and special features of each model. Buying specialized footgear for walking may appear excessive — until you consider walking’s biomechanics. Walking is a heel-to-toe motion; running is forefoot-to-heel, and running shoes often have heel wedges to facilitate this strike. So, if you’re walking in high arch support running shoes, you are actually impeding your natural movement and risking injury. Similarly,.. Read More