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Keep your eye on the bat

Several innovations have been developed to enhance the performance and durability of aluminum bats. The Fusion softball bat from Dudley Sports Co combines graphite and aluminum. Louisville Slugger’s Air Attack softball bat contains a pressurized air chamber in its hollow core, while its new TPS C405+ is the first triple-wall bat which contains two rings of coiled Springsteel inside the bat. Others are Easton Sports Inc’s bat made of a.. Read More

Walking shoes

Seven recommended specialized walking shoes are evaluated. Information is included on the price, construction and special features of each model. Buying specialized footgear for walking may appear excessive — until you consider walking’s biomechanics. Walking is a heel-to-toe motion; running is forefoot-to-heel, and running shoes often have heel wedges to facilitate this strike. So, if you’re walking in high arch support running shoes, you are actually impeding your natural movement and risking injury. Similarly,.. Read More

A new home for Wittnauer

A well-known, time-honored brand name is like a piece of waterfront property, says Robert Mazzone, the new managing director of the Wittnauer brand, now owned by Bulova Watch Corp. You can’t make one–you can only buy one. A lot of companies seem to agree with him. The Sept. 5 announcement from Bulova that it had bought the 121 year-old Wittnauer brand for $11 6 mil lion ended a drawn-out bidding period in which several.. Read More

Rosy Times Continue For Watches

With all the talk of mergers, acquisitions and musical managers, the merchandise could have easily taken a back seat at the fine watch world’s leading trade shows here and in Basel, Switzerland. At the shows, which ran from the end of March through last Tuesday, gossip percolating during the day and over cocktails and dinner each evening frequently centered around who was likely to acquire the LVMH brands owned by Mannesman, IWC,.. Read More

The making of a status symbol

From dangling on the verge of oblivion, 10 years ago, TAG Heuer has become the most popular high-end sports watch in the world, and the fifth-best-selling Swiss watch brand, after Rolex, Cartier, Swatch and Omega. Back in the early 1980s, the flood of Japanese digital watches turned into a tsunami that deluged the Swiss watch industry. One of the little Swiss fish that nearly drowned was Heuer, which had been founded in.. Read More

Dark crystal: meet three young people who got swept up in meth madness

The last thing Lauren wanted to be was a crystal meth user. I knew all my friends were using it, and I was against it because I saw what it did to them”, the 17-year-old says. But about two years ago, Lauren and some friends were driving around their Kansas farming community, bored and looking for something to do. They stopped on a back road, and Lauren’s friends started smoking meth. Her boyfriend put.. Read More

Find the best Pro diver’s watch at reasonable prices

If you are searching for a world class quality diver’s wristwatch at an affordable price, then you are looking at the right place. You will find an exact outline for choice after going through this Invicta watch review completely. You will find it to be a straight opinion of the actual buyers. So, here’s the winning list of watches from Invicta for a Pro diver like you. The 0070 Pro Diver.. Read More

Ladies’ watches bloom with flowers, charms at BaselWorld

Jewelry and watch designers have eagerly met the growing demand among women who wish to wardrobe their watches. Women’s watches proliferated at BaselWorld, appearing in every shape, size, color and price point. Pastel shades and feminine forms like hearts and flowers appeared most popular, and many designers seemed to have taken a cue from fashion trends while crafting their newest timepieces. Many of the women’s watches shown at Basel had.. Read More

Time plus fashion: the designers move in

Watches are the latest item to attract designer licensing deals. As watches become more of a fashion accessory, and consumers start buying wardrobes of watches, designers are capitalizing on the trend. As Bill Blass sees it, “Watches have become like the concept of fragrances the consumer finds a label that suits him or her and buys it.’ Bill Blass watches are distributed by Robert Tabakow Co., a division of Jewelcor,.. Read More

As gold prices rise, retailers say gold watch sales follow

As the boom in all things luxury continues, retailers and manufacturers report heightened attention to gold watches from consumers who seek to make high-quality purchases. “We always sell more women’s gold watches than men’s gold watches because they’re given as gifts,” says Marcos Salerno, owner of Salerno Fine Jewelers in Elizabeth, N.J. Salerno sees strong gold watch sales in both white and yellow gold–particularly those by Festina, a trend he.. Read More