I was excited recently to receive another catalog from a company that identified itself as being “among the largest manufacturers and importers of the highest quality” precious and semiprecious stones. To me, this indicated that the company creates and imports stones.

But when I called to determine which stones were manufactured or man-made, I learned that by “manufacturing” stones, the company really means cutting them.

I have been creating J since 1971, and I am tired of hearing stone cutters claim to be manufacturers! If that were true, then a handmade jewelry artist/creator would also be a manufacturer, and that is the last thing I would want to say about myself, as the creator of one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Let a stone cutter be a stone cutter, let lab-created stones be manufactured stones. Stone cutters, stop claiming to be something you are not.

In a world of limited natural resources, a new demand is growing for gemstones that are not dug up out of the ground. My customers are thrilled to learn about the lack of destruction connected with lab-created stones: that fewer mountains are torn up, fewer streams polluted, and fewer miners underpaid for long, backbreaking hours of work. There will always be a demand for mined stones, but the more we learn and the more environmentally conscious we become, the more attractive man-made, manufactured stones become.

Bob Moon

Once in a blue moon

Barrington, Ill.